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With skyrocketing costs and diminishing returns, paying for college has become the most complicated financial transaction in most families’ entire lives.

It is also likely to be the most expensive purchase you will ever make, surpassing even your home mortgage, particularly if you have more than one child.

Are you ready to protect your family’s financial security against skyrocketing college tuition rates and a financial aid system gone haywire? Do you know what advice to offer to your child as he or she approaches this increasingly risk-laden life milestone?

If not, you and your child could be walking into decades, or even a lifetime, of un-payable, unsecured and undischargeable debt. You could be investing as much as a quarter of a million dollars in a degree that simply won’t pay off…or even enable him or her to meet the payments on the student loans. You could even be placing your retirement and your family’s financial stability at risk.

You can’t afford not to get this right.

Paying for college used to be a no-brainer. A modest investment of money and a student willing to hit the books traditionally paid off handsomely with higher earning and better job prospects over a lifetime.

Times have changed. Today’s enrollees can easily pay far too for a degree worth too little.

The increases in costs are staggering and mind-blowing. Since 1980 college tuition prices grew by nearly 260% compared to a 120% increase in all consumer items. The only thing that even comes close is the rise in the cost of medical care, but college tuition has risen at nearly double that! Tuition increases even outpaced rising home prices during the peak of the housing bubble. Meanwhile, wages for graduates have remained stagnant and jobs have been in short supply.

Something just doesn't add up.

It’s getting harder and harder to get a positive return on an investment in higher education, which is why today’s higher education consumers need to be extra vigilant. Many wise observers claim that we are currently in the middle of a college tuition bubble. Now is the time to be extra-aware; you don't want to undertake college funding unprepared or uninformed. It takes more than merely crossing your fingers and relying on financial aid officers to work out the details (hint: financial aid officers work for the colleges--not for you!) This level of passive, non-involvement is what colleges are counting on.

Now is the time to prepare yourself to defend your family’s financial security against out-of-control college costs by investing a modest amount in your own education, so that you will be equipped to oversee your child's postsecondary costs safely, responsibly, and knowledgeably. They’re counting on you to get this right, for their sake.

In Outsmarting College Tuition™, I will teach you how the financial aid system actually works and what you can do to maximize your chances of qualifying for need-based grant aid and how to reduce your costs whether you do or don’t.

You must take action to protect your two most precious resources—your child and your money—against runaway college tuition prices!!

Don't sacrifice your family's financial education on the altar of higher education. Enroll in Outsmarting College Tuition™ today.

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Bonnie Snyder, D.Ed.
Bonnie Snyder, D.Ed.

I'm Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, author of The New College Reality and founder of Outsmarting College™. A graduate of Harvard with a doctorate in Higher Education, I have worked as a high school guidance counselor, college admissions officer, college writing professor and college career counselor. I've trained with the Princeton Review and been a highly-rated editor with EssayEdge. I'm also the parent of a college student and recent college graduate of my own, so this topic is near and dear to my heart. I believe that the college admissions process should be an enjoyable process of self-discovery rather than a stressful competition, and that the middle and upper-middle classes deserve access to the same level of "insider info" that the elites have always enjoyed. My goal is to help you get far more from higher education while investing less.

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"Outsmarting College contains very informative information and I highly recommend it to all students who will be attending college. It provides a foundation for the entire search and selection process."

—Alan T., Indianapolis, IN

"College planning is complicated and it's easy to get overwhelmed. But Bonnie puts it all in perspective and makes it manageable for both parents and students. Bonnie has a thorough understanding of the complex landscape of college planning—everything from applying to college, to paying for college, to navigating majors once you get to college. What's more, she focuses on what's important: sticking to personal goals, not paying too much, making college work as a real stepping stone to a successful life."

—Beth B., Seattle, WA

"Dr. Snyder's materials are chock full of keen insight and valuable tips, offering a unique perspective and an effective approach. Rather than simply following the crowd, you'll find plenty of thought-provoking alternatives and helpful resources so that you can achieve your goals without losing yourself to the process."

—Mike M., Oakland, CA

"The college admissions process shouldn't be a game to win or a code to decipher, but it is. To assume that the process simply rewards those with the highest level of traditional academic aptitude is to be tragically naive. Dr. Snyder has concrete advice that, while not obvious, is simple to understand and apply. It can set you or your student apart from fellow applicants. With an impressive career in academics and college admissions, Dr. Snyder speaks from experience in a style that is more like coffee with a friend than an online program. I learned a lot, I will share her advice with my family and friends, and I have and will continue to recommended her work to students and parents."

—Shawn G., Lancaster, PA

"Outsmarting College with Dr. Bonnie Snyder is an insider's guide to getting accepted to college and paying for it. Bonnie levels the playing field families now have a fighting chance in the College Admission and Financial Aid processes. She even shows you secrets for getting a job after college. It's like having the answer key for College 101. My daughter doesn't need luck applying to college—she has Bonnie!"

—Steve E., Boston, MA

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